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20 Stunning Color Palette Inspirations For Your Next Project

Bright and bold, dark and moody, mellow and earthy. Colors are incredibly important in helping you tell your brand’s story. Choosing the right color palette will even make your story come alive!

But sometimes picking a color palette can be difficult and frustrating. Even with all of the tools available online such as Adobe’s Color Wheel, we still agonize over finding the perfect combinations for our color palette.

Color Palette Magic

Nobody does color better than mother nature, so we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve created 20 brilliant color combinations inspired by nature and everyday living, all courtesy of Pexels Photos.

We hope these will launch your next web design, social media, or art project into success.

01) Earthy Beach

wood pier walkway over green foam ocean sandy beach
Photo Credit: Ariel View of the Sea

02) Cappuccino Art

barista pouring flowr pattern into cappuccino art
Photo Credit: Cappuccino Art Close Up

03) Hidden Temple

old church with colored walls and water way running through the middle
Photo Credit: Architecture Colorful Church

04) Happy Couple

woman with arms around mans neck engagment ring happy couple
Photo Credit: Woman’s Hand On Man’s Neck

05) Dragon Fruit

sliced dragon fruit on white plate on yellow background
Photo Credit: Sliced Dragon Fruit On Plate

06) Citrus Drink

citrus beverage oranges lemons on grey table background
Photo Credit: Aroma Beverage Blur Citrus

07) Woman On Beach

Woman Standing On Seashore
Photo Credit: Woman Standing On Seashore

08) Mountain Cabin

mountain log wood cabin surrounded by ever green trees
Photo Credit: Wood House Surrounded By Green Trees

09) Sprinkled Doughnut

doughunt with white and pink sprinkles on dark gray table
Photo Credit: White & Pink Sprinkled Doughnut

10) Lime Slices

lime slices floating in beverage drink glass on black background top view
Photo Credit: Beverage Bubble Citrus

11) Strawberry Raspberry Drink

strawberry raspberry drink in jar on wodden table
Photo Credit: Strawberry Drink

12) Beach Fruit Drink

fruit drink on the beach
Photo Credit: Beach Fruit Drink

13) Modern Staircase

modern home staircase glass and metal railing concrete steps

Photo Credit: Modern Staircase

14) Surface User

person using microsoft surface tablet with blue detachable keyboard

Photo Credit: Surface User

15) Vintage Library

vintage books private library book collection

Photo Credit: Vintage Library

16) Apple Mint Shake

green apple red apple mint detox drink shake on wood table

Photo Credit: Green Detox Smoothie

17) Golden Sunset

sunrise sunset city on the beach silhouette against sky

Photo Credit: Backlit Beach

18) Summer Fun

sunglasses wodden letters on beach in sand ocean background

Photo Credit: Sunglasses On Sand

19) Happy Hour

man mixing pouring rum drinks happy hour at bar

Photo Credit: Making Rum Drinks

20) Coffee Time

farmhouse coffee hand grinder whole beans in jars

Photo Credit: White Table Coffee

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