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5 Ways to Build Your Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 is the perfect time to build your business – even take it to the next level! Yes, the economy is down and businesses are struggling. But, instead of binge watching that new Netflix series, spend a few hours each day planning your return to the post-COVID world.

Make no mistake, the economy WILL come back, businesses, schools and churches WILL open again. Is your business ready?

1. Your 2020 Marketing Plan

As a small business owner, your time is already stretched thin. Budgets, meetings, day-to-day operations, generating new business, maintaining current business – it’s a juggling act we can all relate to.

Well guess what? You have the time! A marketing plan doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, the simplest plans are often the most effective.

List out your marketing goals for 2020. These could range from setting up a Facebook chatbot and increasing your brand awareness to expanding your target audience by launching a new product.

2. Write A Blog

Blogs are a GREAT way to connect with your audience. They’re also a valuable SEO tool. Again, with all the other distractions blogs are one of the most effective (and FREE) ways we can engage with our audience.

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EVERY website we build here at Dunn Allen Design has blogging capabilities. Only 10% of our clients actually use it. One of the top 5 things we discuss with new clients is consistent content publishing. Even if your current customers/clients aren’t blog readers, you may appear in a search result because of a blog you wrote 6 months ago.

3. Refresh Your Website

WAIT! Before you click that back button, hear me out. Yes, websites are expensive investments, but how many leads are you missing out on because your website is subpar compared to your competition? Now more than ever it’s important to have a strong web presence. 80% of the population is stuck at home surfing the internet.

Make sure your website is generating leads, not hurting your business. We wrote another article about this.

4. Step Up Your Social Media Presence

This is another HUGE area that businesses take for granted. Social media is often treated as a fun thing that happens after the ‘real work’ is done.

Social media is perhaps one of the post powerful marketing tools available to you – and it costs you nothing.

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Yes, you can pay for social ads, or hire a social media manager. But if your business has taken a substantial hit due to COVID-19, you may be on your own for now. Identify which platform your target audience responds best to and use it to stay connected until your return!

5. Focus On The Future

A small amount of business and brands will handle the COVID-19 situation the right way.  Be one of them. Customers and clients will remember how you handled your marketing during these times.

When things settle, make sure your online strategy is ready to go! Plan your Google Ads, display advertising, and social media engagements. If you prepare now, your transition will be a lot easier in the coming months.

Above all – hang in there – and we’ll do the same!

Who are we and what gives us the right to talk about these things?!

Our name is Bryckroad Creative.

For over three decades we have used design and strategic thinking to help companies acquire and delight customers. At Bryckroad Creative we strive to find the perfect balance between work and fun – which is easy because we hire people who love what they do! 

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