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How Much Does A Website Cost?

How much does a website cost? This question is a lot like asking: “How much does a car cost?” It all depends on your budget and expectation. Are you looking for a Ford Fiesta… or a Porsche? We’re going to address four questions that will give you a better expectation of what your own website should cost.

1) Do you already have a website?

If you have a website, a new designer can use the existing content and layout to identify how much work will be involved, making it much easier to start a new site. If your site is being built from scratch, there will be a lot of work putting together a site map (what pages your site needs), and writing content to fill each page.

2) What does your site need to do?

Going back to our car analogy, what features do you want? Premium sound system? Leather interior? Heated seats? All those things can be added, but individually they increase the cost of the car. The exact same thing applies for your website. A three or four page site with a contact form is going to cost significantly less than an e-commerce site which integrates directly with your in-store inventory software.

3) Does your site need a members area?

Building a website using a CMS (Content Management System) is simple enough. It’s basically two websites: one that you use to manage your pages, posts, and images – the other is the actual site your users see. If your site needs a way for users to log in and see a different set of content, your website now has three separate viewable content ares. This is simple enough to do, but will take some extra time to set up and will affect your website cost.

4) How much interactive content will your site have?

We’re not talking about video embeds or clickable images – more like a fashion website that allows you to choose the color of a dress, pick earrings and a necklace, and see those options appear instantly on the photo of a model. Tools similar to this have been proven to drive conversions, but can greatly add to your website cost and be expensive to maintain.

And the bottom line is…

Can you let your neighbor’s cousin build your website for $700? Sure. Should you? Not if you’re wanting your business to be taken seriously. It may be cost effective right now, but will end up costing you much more in the future. Having a professionally designed and built website will give your visitors a sense of security and let them know that your brand can be trusted.

What your website will cost is entirely up to you. The best way to keep your out-of-pocket cost to a minimum is to provide the designer/developer with as much content up front as possible. This includes which pages you want your site to have, any photos you want to use, and what content should be on each page.

Dunn Allen Design would love to help you with your website! Take a look at our work and call us if you have any questions!

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