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Website Designer and Developer

Job Description

We’re looking for a website designer and developer to join our team! This position is for either part-time -or- full-time work. You’ll need to have some pretty nifty design skills and know your way around the WordPress content management system. We use a variety of tools to build beautiful websites including:

Adobe App Icons - Photoshop Illustrator XD

Wordpress Icons - WordPress ElementorFormidable Forms

  • Adobe CC
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Adobe XD
  • WordPress
    • Elementor
    • WooCommerce
    • Formidable Forms

Since every site we build is custom, you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP. Once a website is designed and built, you’ll be expected to:

  • Test the site thoroughly on both Apple and Android devices
  • Setup and Install Google Analytics tags
  • Submit sitemaps to Bing and Google webmaster tools
  • Configure optimization plugins installed on the site

Other job responsibilities include:

  • Update and manage client WordPress websites
  • Troubleshoot and fix website issues that arise
  • Use WHM/Cpanel to manage client hosting accounts

Each project assigned is built on realistic timelines with clear benchmarks set along the way. We believe in creating quality websites – and quality work takes time. All of our clients are easy going and appreciate our clear and honest business practices. We work with everyone from local farmers to large corporations to non-profit organizations. We don’t have a style or niche client base – and that’s just how we like it!


We want to be fair to all of our team members. Employee pay is based on several factors including (but not limited to):

  • Work experience
  • Portfolio quality
  • Skill diversity
  • Job performance

If selected for an interview, we’ll discuss pay compensation as well as benefits and expectations.

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