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Unruh Fire

Unruh Fire is the premiere manufacturer of custom fire trucks and rescue vehicles. We provide trucks for fire departments and EMS crews across the United States. Every vehicle is individually configured to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design

Unruh Fire came to Bryckroad looking for a website that was bold, to-the-point, and aggressive in generating new business. Bryckroad worked closely with key members of the Unruh Fire team to do just that.
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Project Services

  • New Logo Design
  • New Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Print Advertising
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Custom Website Forms
  • WordPress CMS (Content Management System)
  • Photography / Retouch
  • Google Analytics Dashboard Integration
  • Monthly Performance Reporting
Unruh Fire Logo Brand Colors


Unruh Fire partnered with Bryckroad Creative to develop a new logo. Our branding process began with an in depth look at the target audience. Once defined, Bryckroad created several concepts that were refined into the finished logo design. Next, our creative team established brand colors, rules for typography, and an overall look to ensure consistency across all advertising platforms.
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Brand Collateral

Unruh Fire actively promotes their company in several ways. Bryckroad Creative has created a wide variety design collateral materials to help them achieve specific marketing goals.
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