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What Is WordPress?

So what is WordPress anyway? WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS) for organizing your website’s pages, posts, media, and e-commerce content. It is used by more than 29.4% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2018, and currently supports over 60 million websites.

Content Management System

A content management system (or CMS for short) is simply a user interface that allows you – without touching any code – to create and manage the content on their websites. Using a software like environment, you can easily create new pages, write blog posts, upload and manage images, videos, and audio files. So What is WordPress?

Safe & Secure As Any Other Site

The biggest fear that most people have is that WordPress is insecure – that it’s easier to hack than ‘other’ sites. If taken care of properly, WordPress websites are just as safe as any other. There are several tools and plugins that help with security. Take a look at the full article we’ve written about WordPress Security.

Built On A Common Coding Platform

WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL. PHP is an open source coding language that interacts directly with HTML allowing your users to see the content of your website. MySQL is a set of spreadsheet-like tables where all of the data from your website lives. Together, PHP and MySQL create the dashboard area that you use to create content, and the front end that you site visitors see.

What Does Open Source Mean?

Open source means that the base or ‘raw’ code is available to anyone for free. This is makes WordPress incredibly powerful because it allows for 100% customization. Being able to see how the different aspects of WordPress interact allows developers to write plugins and scripts to accomplish any task your website needs.

WordPress Means Maximum Flexibility

The best feature of WordPress is it’s ability to be all things to all people. If your site is built on WordPress, and after 3 years, you feel it’s time for a change, a facelift should be no problem. Or say you hire a new developer, WordPress is so widely used, you’ll have no trouble finding someone who understands and can work with WordPress. Unlike Wix, you will OWN your website and can take it with you anytime.

Who are we and what gives us the right to talk about these things?!

Our name is Bryckroad Creative.

For over three decades we have used design and strategic thinking to help companies acquire and delight customers. At Bryckroad Creative we strive to find the perfect balance between work and fun – which is easy because we hire people who love what they do! 

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