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Discover yourself with a branding company who cares.

Every day, people assume things about your brand - sometimes good and sometimes bad.

And it affects every decision you make moving forward. But before these assumptions happen, wouldn’t you like to define exactly what people expect from your brand?

That’s where we come in. Bryckroad Creative is a creative branding agency based in Wichita, KS that specializes in brand strategy, identity and brand positioning. And even though we’re not located in a fancy ‘big city’, we are among the top branding agencies in the region.

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Your company is amazing. But do people know it?

Have you been struggling to define your identity? Do you have a feeling that there is something amiss, but you’re not sure what it is?

Picture yourself finally understanding your brand identity. Finally able to articulate what your brand means in simple terms.

CORE Discovery is a guided workshop to help you define every aspect of your brand. Understand what people expect from your brand. Make an unforgettable first impression online and off with a consistent identity throughout all aspects of the customer experience.

Other branding agencies wish they could do what we do.

Let's build your brand

We’ll make sure that your brand’s reputation aligns with your values.

As an award winning creative agency, we start by asking deliberate questions like: “What does your brand stand for?”, “Who are you?”, and “How do your customers perceive you?”.

This allows us to define your brand’s personality – developing visual elements and brand materials that represent your values.

Understand who you are

We work with you from start to finish to define what your brand is and why it matters. Using the latest market research we’ll craft a consistent brand voice that carries across digital marketing, web design, and social media marketing platforms.

Make yourself memorable

The best brands are memorable. Add an x-factor to your logo design or brand story that stands out from the rest. Give your voice the edge it needs to cut through the noise and reach customers. More importantly build brand equity through genuine campaigns that resonate.

Increase brand awareness

Brand strategy is the practice of making intentional decisions about reaching your audience. This can be something as simple as a social media marketing post, or something as large as a monthly digital advertising.

Develop your brand image

Brand identity design is the final piece. We can take your existing look – or create something completely new. This starts with logo design and ends with your brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency across every outlet.

CORE is a process of self discovery.

In this interactive workshop we’ll help you understand what people expect from your brand, develop a personality and voice, and uncover aspects of what inspires you.

CORE Discovery is an experience tailored exclusively to your branding needs. We’re not just another company waiting to take your money– instead we’re going to find what success looks like for you. We provide a collaborative environment in which every attendee leaves empowered with new knowledge, inspiration, and a better understanding of the brand as a whole.

What should you expect from CORE Discovery?

With the right brand strategy and message your company can stand out. By developing your voice, potential customers will connect with your brand over your competitors.

Brand Attributes - Understand what makes your brand unique and communicate those values clearly through brand management like color, typography, and imagery.
Value Alignment - Know what your brand stands for so you can ensure that it’s delivering on its promises. Learn how your own personality impacts every aspect of your brand.
Visual Language - Establish a visual language that stands out from competitors and invites attention. Visual brand development is the final component to the branding process.

Benefits of CORE Discovery:

Clearly define what people expect from your brand.
Understand how to develop an emotional connection with customers.
Make sure people love what you stand for - it’ll show in everything you do.

Unlock your brand’s potential with CORE Discovery.

Find Out More

How does your brand make people feel?

Let us show you how to tap into your personality and give customers what they crave.

As brand strategists and brand designers, we’ll show you how other successful brands have done it – and give you the same tools!

Benefits of working with an experienced branding agency:

At Bryckroad Creative we create brands worth talking about. And yours should be one of them.

We take brand design to a whole new level – starting with who you are and ending with a new brand identity complete with brand guidelines for consistent usage in the digital and physical space.

Brand consulting is truly our passion. We love working with organizations at all different points in their journey. Whether you’re looking for value alignment, or need a complete overhaul, here are the benefits of working with a brand design agency:

Present yourself intentionally

Learn what people expect from your brand, what makes it unique, and how to represent it across all digital, print, and video platforms.

Grow with confidence

Align every aspect of your brand from name to design elements, and finally choose a tone of voice – without hiring new staff.

Win over customers

Create a cohesive narrative that sets you apart. Help customers understand how your products or services will enrich their lives.

Transform your business into a world-class brand.

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Our CORE Discovery branding workshop is designed so you can walk away with a complete understanding of your identity for total brand recognition.

Define What You Stand For – Get clear on what makes your brand unique. Understand what people expect from your brand. Generate a strong visual language so your brand speaks clearly on all channels.

Identify Your Audience – Get insight on who your customer is and how they behave. Reaching the right audience is the secret weapon used by creative branding agencies.

Uncover Your Story – Explore compelling narratives so you can tell a richer story about what makes your brand special. Branding companies have harnessed the power of stories for decades – and now it’s your turn.

Wichita’s full service branding agency.

For over three decades, we have helped companies and organizations develop brand strategies that connect them to the right customers.

Our expertise in brand positioning, visual identity, logo design, and brand design have made us one of the best branding agencies in Wichita, KS.

As a creative agency, our passion for brand design and our CORE Discovery framework has made us one of the area’s top branding agencies. We don’t have a ‘niche’ or work exclusively for one type of client. The thrill of learning about new industries and the challenge of helping other companies succeed ignites every aspect of our organization.

Our Brand Design Process:

We don’t like secrets. In fact, we’re so confident in our abilities and expertise that we are willing to share our branding process with everyone.

This is what makes Bryckroad one of the best branding companies – anywhere. Other branding agencies claim to have some big secret recipe for success. That’s not how we roll.

Let's Get Started!

Step 1: CORE Discovery

Learn what people expect from your brand, what makes it unique, and how to represent it across all digital, print, and video platforms.

Step 2: Visual Language

Our design team will use curated imagery, typographic elements and color pallets to craft a Stylescape that represents your brand. These high-level mood boards are a guide to evoke emotion and give an overall ‘feeling’ of your brand.

Step 3: Logo Design

Every brand designer on our team is a certified logo design legend that blends illustration and typography into visual masterpieces. Customers will use this unique and carefully crafted mark to identify your brand in the physical and digital realms.

Step 4: Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are the key to making sure that your brand looks and feels the same – absolutely everywhere. We’ll make sure that your brand comes with clear instructions on proper usages across digital, print and video.

Start your branding project today.

As a premier branding agency, we know what it takes to get maximum recognition.

The right branding agency is only interested in understanding your brand values to deliver successful branding design, brand guidelines and a marketing strategy to propel you to the top. Keeping this as our guiding principle has made us one of the most sought-after branding agencies in the Wichita area.

Don’t loose another potential customer or client! Call the branding experts at Bryckroad Creative now to book your CORE Discovery session.

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Here is our proof.

You will be completely amazed to see how a professional branding firm can increase brand awareness and transform your identity. Armed with a clear vision, purpose, direction – and stunning brand guidelines – your company will move straight to the front of the line to greet new customers.

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